2 Panel Led Backlit Signal Display With Controller PART #: VID-BL2SIG6-R/G

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HEAVY DUTY, HI-VISIBILITY 2 Signal '' Red / Green Backlit Display Day & Night Visibility up to . Black Frame for high contrast visibility. IP66/67 Weather Resistant. Field proven for over 15 years to survive extreme environments.

NVIZN LED Signal Lights are operational as a signaling device to indicate a mode of operation of a vehicle, a direction of a vehicle, type of use of equipment, signal needs to others, a directional help on a site, or a vehicle is in use at that time. Signal Lights use coloration such as Red Light Green Light signaling to indicate use or directional flow of equipment, personnel or vehicle surrounding it when in use or indicate the function of vehicle needed for signaling others on site. Signal Lights provide color signaling uses which denotes what use it is being used at, such example as forward and reverse; or an autonomous mode or manual driver indicator, or to denote traffic direction such as stop or go, pass or do not pass by to bystanders alongside the vehicle(s) or intersections; etc.

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NVIZN LED Programmable Identification Display options are the most efficient form of LED display. Recognized globally for dependability, high visibility, and programmable functionality. Programmable displays provide the most robust and efficient way to identify vehicles and Heavy Equipment with Vehicle ID Numbers. NVIZN Identification Displays® are heavy duty fully functional displays available in 5 Types of Displays: Programmable LED, Messaging and Signaling, Reflective LED Backlit, 3-Sided Displays and Interchangeable LED Reflective Backlit and are available in various character sizes dependent on the type of display. Sizes for our different Types of Displays range from 9″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 36″, to 52″. All Types of our NVIZN Identification Displays® are Mine-Tough and are built to survive the most extreme harsh environments; they are super sealed to be extremely durable to withstand power-hose cleaning, and are made of Hard Anodized Black Aerospace-Grade Aluminum framing and other lightweight materials making all of our products light weight and easy to install. NVIZN Identification Displays® have an Industry Leading 5 Year Limited Warranty.

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