Whip Bases & Adapters

SafetyWhips® current mounts include transition to a Threaded Hex Base, Quick Disconnect Base and a Lock Pin Base* (*telescoping whip). We offer a variety of mounting accessories to work with each of these base types dependent on whether the client prefers permanent or temporary installation and whether the client wants to have a powered or non-powered whip.

SafetyWhips® Quick Disconnect mounts are an extreme benefit for a super-fast install and removal of the whip for end users; whips can even be disconnected one handed which is extremely beneficial. Our Quick Disconnect adaptors are great for clients but most importantly our stocking distributors; as that enables any whip to be a Quick Disconnect Whip easily. We offer Quick Disconnect adaptors without the receiving base and Quick Disconnect Adaptor Kits with the adaptor and receiving base mount for use in converting any powered or non-powered ½” 20 thread whip connection to a Quick Disconnect Whip. Our Quick Disconnect mounts and accessories are so simple to operate as they utilize Snap type (ball latching) quick disconnects which are manufactured with a spring loaded ball latching mechanism which automatically locks the two halves of the fitting together when they are pushed together. When the releasing sleeve is pulled back, the interior end and exterior ends quickly unlock from each other. Since many whip users remove their whip several times a day to get on or off highway; this quick release component is beneficial for whip users who require frequent install and removal of the whip throughout the life cycle of the whip. These QDCs can handle pressure, jolts and jarring on a consistent basis as evidenced by the mining industry we started using SafetyWhips® in so many years ago.

SafetyWhips® Spring mounts are highly recommended to help reduce whip breakage and wear and tear on whip. The spring provides a higher threshold for jarring and jolting as it reduces the amount of pressure placed on the whip pole when jolted driving your vehicle over rocky rough terrain or heavy equipment jolts from use of heavy equipment.



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