2ft MegaLite™ SCM series

SCM SERIES – 24” MegaLite™ LED Whip Light

SafetyWhips® new Lock & SealSCM – The 24” MegaLite– incorporates an extra large 24” LED whip light which has 72 LED’s and are available in Single Color & Dual Color options, visible both day and & night with safe operation from 10-40Vdc.

High Performance, LED Whip lights allowing drivers to identify operating vehicles sooner with its 24” extended lighting for increased vehicle visibility. Featuring multiple color options, this “all-in-one” light enables user-friendly programming between Flashing & Non-Flashing modes.  For added safety, there is a programmable “Light Photo Sensor” that when enabled, light dims at night to prevent “Night Blindness” to surrounding traffic & brightens as well as providing from Flashing solidifies its strong performance & durability with top-of-the-line engineering, enabling site management the ability to distinguish and identify specific job functions, contractors and site personnel quickly. Engineered with clear, break resistant polycarbonate tubing for Maximum Illumination and a clear support “jacket” surrounding the base to reduce moisture for extended durability.  The SCM Series LED Whip Lights can withstand extreme environmental conditions and reverse polarity protected. 

  • 24” Top to Bottom High Visibility illumination for extended vehicle and equipment visibility
  • Lock & Sealhelps to keep out water and contaminants with IP66 and IP67 ratings. 
  • Lock & Sealboasts a rugged polycarbonate lens which is impact & break resistant 
  • Lock & Sealis designed to be an intense light diffusing lens which reflects more variable visible light 360 degrees than any other whip light available on the market today
  • Flashing or Non-Flashing (constant) programmable modes for user to select
  • High Intensity LED’s are Visible both day and & night
  • Safe Operation Multi-Voltage from 10-40Vdc 
  • Smart Technology features optional dimming via a Programmable Photo Sensor to stabilize night time visibility
  • MULTIPLE SAFETY COLOR COMBINATIONS – Single Color or Dual Color options available to help Identify specific Job Functions, Contractors & Site Personnel.  Customizable color options & flash patterns available upon request. 
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty 


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Showing all 8 products



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