Bright SC4 series

SC4 SERIES – BrightLED Whip Light with High Profile Lens

SafetyWhips® new Lock & SealSC4 Series consist of a High-Profile Lens incorporated with a robust, LED diffusing whip light.  Available in Single Color, Dual Color or Multi-Color (RGB) with Flashing or Non-Flashing (Constant) options to choose from.  Safe operation from 10-40Vdc, reverse polarity protected.

These High-Profile LED lights hold (6) “Bright” LEDs for Extended Visibility of vehicles & other equipment. Featuring a unique design with 360º Light Diffusion creating a “Uniformed” brightness of light. The custom-engineered “Lock and Seal” base system easily secures the whip light to its base sealing against harsh environments, corrosion & moisture. The SC4 series’ rugged structure is both impact & break resistant for added durability against Extreme environmental conditions.  

  • Lock & Sealhelps to keep out water and contaminants with IP66 and IP67 ratings. 
  • Lock & Sealboasts a rugged polycarbonate lens which is impact & break resistant 
  • Lock & Sealis designed to be an intense light diffusing lens which reflects more variable visible light 360 degrees than any other whip light available on the market today
  • Flashing or Non-Flashing (contant) whip light options available
  • Safe Operation Multi-Voltage from 10-40Vdc 
  • MULTIPLE SAFETY COLOR COMBINATIONS – Single Color, Dual Color or Multi-Color (RGB) options available to help Identify specific Job Functions, Contractors & Site Personnel.  Customizable color options & flash patterns available upon request. 
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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