Heavy Duty LED Beacons

HELIOS Warning Lights® are Industrial Strength.

HELIOS® warning lights X-Mod Series are made in the USA and are backed by an industry-leading three-year limited warranty. Industrial industries such as mining, construction, and transportation experience harsh weather and working conditions which require a strong robust warning light, which HELIOS® has delivered. Internal components are protected with their impact-resistant outer polycarbonate dust dome with a smooth finish which is also easy to clean. The polycarbonate dust dome helps to protect the fresnel lens and ensures it stays dust free. This optically enhanced fresnel lens is revolutionary to the industry for leading-edge quality LED light output. The X-MOD Series of warning lights are ensured to fully encapsulate the LED driver interchangeable module to protect it from corrosion.

HELIOS® warning lights are manufactured with a universal easy-mount design and are for use on all vehicles, including aluminum-bodied and ribbed roofs. Aerodynamic and ribbed, the easy mount design provides superior performance at operational speeds for all vehicles including those with a roof which is ridged, ribbed, or corrugated in any way. When it comes to industrial strength, Helios® warning lights X-MOD Series has you covered.

At Driver™ Industrial Safety, we keep HELIOS® warning lights and a few of our X-MOD Series modular replaceable parts in stock to help ensure you are never without a warning light, and you are reaping the financial rewards from buying the X-MOD Series of HELIOS® warning lights.

Check out the HELIOS® X-MOD Series below.



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