Super Bright SC3 series

SC3  SERIES – Super BrightLED Whip Light with Low Profile Lens

SafetyWhips® new Lock & SealSC3 with a Low Profile Lens incorporates a quality LED Light and is available in Single Color, Dual Color or Multi-Color (RGB) options and offers some additional features from the SC4 such as Programmable Photo Sensor to stabilize night time visibility with safe operation from 10-40Vdc.

NEW PREMIUM PRODUCT FEATURES!  These High Performance LED Lights hold (4) “Super Bright” LEDs encompassed in an innovatively designed, Low Profile, rugged structure creating Maximum Illumination. Featuring 360º Light Diffusion for a “uniformed” brightness of light as well as a custom-engineered “Lock & Seal” base system securing whip light to its base sealing against harsh environments, corrosion & moisture. The SC3 series is the ULTIMATE “all-in-one” light built for user-friendly programming between Flashing & Non-Flashing modes. For added safety, there is a programmable “Light Photo Sensor” that when enabled, light dims at night to prevent “Night Blindness” to surrounding traffic & brightens as well as providing from Flashing solidifies its strong performance & durability with top-of-the-line engineering.


  • Lock & Sealhelps to keep out water and contaminants with IP66 and IP67 ratings. 
  • Lock & Sealboasts a rugged polycarbonate lens which is impact & break resistant 
  • Lock & Sealis designed to be an intense light diffusing lens which reflects more variable visible light 360 degrees than any other whip light available on the market today
  • Flashing or Non-Flashing (constant) programmable modes for user to select
  • High Intensity LED’s are Visible both day and & night
  • Safe Operation Multi-Voltage from 10-40Vdc 
  • Smart Technology features optional dimming via a Programmable Photo Sensor to stabilize night time visibility
  • MULTIPLE SAFETY COLOR COMBINATIONS – Single Color, Dual Color or Multi-Color (RGB) options available to help Identify specific Job Functions, Contractors & Site Personnel.  Customizable color options & flash patterns available upon request. 
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty 

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Showing all 7 products



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