Whip Mounts

We offer a variety of SafetyWhip® mounting accessories to work with each of these base types dependent on whether the client prefers permanent or temporary installation and whether the client wants to have a powered or non-powered whip.

SafetyWhips® various whip mounting options are adaptable to your vehicle, equipment, and management needs. Our hitch mount options offer non-permanent temporary whip install; and we also offer extended hitch mounts which enable the end user use of tailgate or truck bed access. SafetyWhips® offers several varieties of magnetic mount options for temporary mount options which include a Light Duty magnet, and Medium Duty Magnet, and a Heavy Duty Magnets utilizing a cigarette cord adaptor for powered options. The size of the magnetic mount you choose depends on the length of your whip, vehicle speed during use of magnetic whip, and overall weight of your whip.

We also offer many temporary mounting solutions for your non-magnetic vehicles and equipment with our SafetyWhips hitch mount options, adhesive plate options, and our Universal Platform Mounting Systems. We have you in mind and regularly protected when we decided to offer various mounts for permanent installation on a variety of vehicles and equipment whether it be in the truck or vehicle bed or roof, on the side of a van or equipment such as several angle bracket mounts, several types of flat surface mounts, a side wall mount, and a fold down mount. SafetyWhips® has the largest assortment of options available in the industry for your bases, mounts, adapters, LED warning whip lights, and flags.



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