Artificially Intelligent X-MOD series

HELIOS Warning Lights® X-MOD Series Exceed Expectations with Replaceable Parts and Artificially Intelligent Beacons

The HELIOS Warning Lights® X-MOD Series Beacon is the most innovative heavy-duty beacon lineup on the market today.  The X-MOD Series boasts industrial strength beacons, with innovative modular replacement options, and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.  The X-MOD Series Modular Replaceable Parts are a remarkable feature as they enable you to manage your fleet of beacons with the minimal replacement cost of replaceable parts versus buying a new beacon every time. HELIOS Warning Lights® X-MOD Series are super AI beacons!   The light has Artificial Intelligence coding of an advanced CPU board to ensure the unit operates at all times and offers many features with extreme AI benefits.  

Artificial Intelligent features and benefits:

  • The Beacon always reads input voltage to ensure the LED’s are always there brightest at any voltage the light experiences. 
  • The circuitry constantly reads LED temperature which ensures the LED’s are running at their maximum power at the temperature they see. 
  • When it is dark outside LED lights can be blindingly bright, and temporarily hurt the cones in a human eye, and may possibly produce blind spots in vision.  We have equipped our warning lights with a Built-in Eye that sees the ambient lighting conditions which is used to adjust to ambient lighting conditions or in other words adjust to the light outside.  In the coding of the light when Beacon sees that it is dark, it will reduce the light output by 30% so the light is less likely to affect people around it when its running. This ability also can be deactivated if desired. The light also has coding that allows the light to serve as a barricade light and automatically run only at night but be off during the day. This ability can be active or nonactive.  Note: One should never look straight into a running LED light especially at short distances!
  • The Beacon does control the flashing sequences and other modes of operation.  Currently the X-MOD has 10 built in flash patterns as well as other modes of operation (see details on modes of operation). Drivers can safely switch colors, flash patterns, or modes without leaving the driver seat as it is done easily by a switch on the cigarette cord or with a properly installed dual switch (for permanent mount scenarios).
  • X-MOD series lights allow the end user to tell the light to run in various modes.  
  • In the X-MOD series there are lights that feature either single LED color or optional dual LED color operation (one or two colors).  In other words, they can run in two different colors such as Amber or Green for example.  
  • In order to withstand harsh weather and continual vibrations we have Sealed our Warning Lights to Ingress Protection Ratings of IP67.




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