Warning Whip Bases, Mounts, Adapters, and Mounting Systems

At Driver™ Industrial Safety, we offer a variety of warning whip bases and mounts from SafetyWhips®. SafetyWhips® has been the name you can trust for quality and innovation for more than 15 years, and that includes their innovative mounts and accessories line up. You can count on SafetyWhips® bases, mounts, adapters, and mounting systems to keep you working, conveniently and efficiently. Our current mounts include the Threaded Hex Base, Quick Disconnect Base, and a Lock Pin Base* (*only available on the telescoping pole). Clients have their choice of powered or unpowered whips with many variable bases and mounting accessories. To complete your whip, we offer the finest engineered LED whip light options available on the market today, and a selection of heavy-duty safety flags made of high-quality Super Visibility™ nylon mesh flags, which can be made with or without 3M ® Scotchlite ® Reflective X. At Driver™ Industrial Safety, we carry a wide assortment of SafetyWhips® bases, mounts, adapters, LED warning whip lights, and flags.

SafetyWhips® bases, mounts, adapters and mounting systems make your whip experience easier and faster with a more durable whip. They are engineered to handle the harshest environment conditions, such as at mines, construction sites, and other industrial applications. Due to their intense focus on quality, SafetyWhips® products have been specifically requested across the globe at many largest mine sites, construction sites, and many other industrial applications.

SafetyWhips® current mounts include transitions to a Threaded Hex Base, Quick Disconnect Base, and a Lock Pin Base* (*telescoping whip). We offer a variety of mounting accessories to work with each of these base types depending on whether you prefer permanent or temporary installation and whether you want to have a powered or unpowered whip. Our Quick Disconnect Mounts make your installation or removal of your whip more expedient with the ability to disconnect your whip and store it away for driving on a highway in a second, versus screwing it off slowly every time you need to access a public main road, freeway, or highway. Our Quick Disconnect Adapters are beneficial for turning any warning whip into a quick disconnect whip; stocking distributors especially enjoy the freedom the adapters allow. Our spring mounts help to protect your whip from jars and jolts from equipment and rough terrain. Our hitch mount options offer non-permanent temporary whip install; and we also offer extended hitch mounts which enable the end user use of tailgate or truck bed access. SafetyWhips® offers several varieties of magnetic mount options for temporary mount options which include a light-duty magnet, and medium-duty magnet, and a heavy-duty magnet utilizing a cigarette cord adapter for powered options. We also offer many temporary mounting solutions for your non-magnetic vehicles and equipment with our SafetyWhips® hitch mount options, adhesive plate options, and our Universal Platform Mounting Systems.

At Driver™ Industrial Safety, you can count on our variety of SafetyWhips® bases, mounts, adapters and mounting systems to solve all needs and exceed jobsite safety requirement expectations! Shop our selection below.



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