Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Barrel Spring Base PART #: 519.309NP-F

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Barrel Spring Base for Non-Powered Whips with Female Threading on both ends, the top and bottom.

SafetyWhips® Spring mounts are highly recommended to help reduce whip breakage and wear and tear on whip. The spring provides a higher threshold for jarring and jolting as it reduces the amount of pressure placed on the whip pole when jolted driving your vehicle over rocky rough terrain or heavy equipment jolts from use of heavy equipment.

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Mounting accessories make your whip experience easier, faster, or a more durable whip. Our current mounts include transition to a Threaded Hex Base, Quick Disconnect Base and a Lock Pin Base* (*telescoping whip). We offer a variety of mounting accessories to work with each of these base types dependent on whether the client prefers permanent or temporary installation and whether the client wants to have a powered or non-powered whip. Our Quick Disconnect Mounts make your installation or removal of your whip more expedient with the ability to disconnect your whip and store it away for driving on a highway in a second versus screwing it off slowly every time you need to access a public main road, freeway or highway. Our spring mounts help to protect your whip from jars and jolts from equipment and rough terrain. Our hitch mount options offer non-permanent whip install; we also have extended hitch mounts which enable the end user use of tailgate or truck bed access. SafetyWhips® offers several varieties of magnetic mount options for temporary mount options which include a Light Duty magnet, and Medium Duty Magnet, and a Heavy Duty Magnets utilizing a cigarette cord adaptor for powered

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