At Driver Industrial Safety, our team is committed to providing top-quality safety equipment for industrial uses. Whether you need materials for safety on site for mining, construction, aviation, or anything else involving large, heavy-duty machinery, vehicles, or rigs, we’ve got you covered. Safety is all we do, so helping companies find the right industrial safety equipment for every need is what we’re focused on, and one of the most important types of safety equipment we offer is wheel chocks. These essential equipment pieces help to prevent accidents and mishaps by locking heavy-duty vehicles into place and providing extra support to the equipment while not in use. We offer a range of heavy duty wheel chocks for our customers to choose from, so keep reading to learn more about each of them and to get started shopping today!

General Purpose Chocks

General purpose wheel chocks are high-quality, durable, and designed for use on heavy duty vehicles that are lighter than heavy industrial equipment or rigs. Whether you’re using them to secure a truck that has a heavy trailer attached or a smaller piece of industrial equipment, these wheel chocks are great for all kinds of general purpose uses. These wheel chocks are engineered for quick and secure installation, and are lightweight enough to be transported anywhere while still being tough enough to get the job done. Our general purpose wheel chocks are available in many high-visibility safety colors so they not only keep your job site compliant, they can match your company’s branding standards, as well!

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70 Ton Large Equipment Chocks

When it comes to large equipment wheel chocks for mining businesses, construction businesses, and other industrial operations, Driver Industrial Safety is proud to be a top choice on the market. Our 70-ton large equipment wheel chocks are just one of the many wheel chock options available for heavy duty use. Engineered with heavy duty usage and industrial applications in mind, these wheel chocks are perfect for use with equipment vehicles such as haul trucks, loaders, and more. Constructed with tough materials that are also designed to be lightweight, these chocks also come with a built-in handle for easy mobility.

165 & 200 Ton Large Equipment Chocks

Next up in the maximum payload capacities for our heavy duty wheel chocks are our 165-ton and 255-ton wheel chocks. These two types of heavy-duty chocks are designed with your industrial vehicles in mind, and have optimized shapes to ensure that your tires are not only secure, but thoroughly supported by these chocks. As with all Driver Industrial Safety wheel chocks, these models are constructed with top-quality urethane materials so they’re lightweight and easy to transport, but tough enough to stand up to the pressure of securing your vehicle or equipment. These are available in colors that are compliant with written guidelines and proper chocking procedures, so your worksite is always safe and compliant with regulations for your industry.

400 Ton Large Equipment Chocks

The largest payload wheel chocks available from Driver Industrial Safety is 400-ton, and these products are up to the job of securing your large, heavy-duty equipment wheels. Whether you’re positioning cranes, fire department vehicles, large military vehicles, or any other type of heavy machinery, these are designed for your needs. These chocks are rated for use on all kinds of ground surfaces, grades, and levels of ground surface, and include user-friendly mounting brackets for quick and secure placement.

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