When you’re searching for top-quality industrial safety equipment to use on your job site or for your company’s operations, you want to be sure that the equipment you’re investing in is going to last and is going to provide you with the features and capabilities you need to keep your site compliant with safety standards and regulations, too. At Driver Industrial Safety, our team is focused on your safety first, and that’s all we do, so our customers continue to choose our products over the competition. With products that are engineered with industrial use in mind, we’re proud to offer high-quality options in a wide range of product types and categories. Among our most popular products are wheel chocks that are rated for general purpose for larger everyday vehicles and small equipment, as well as heavy-duty chocks that are engineered for maximum payloads of up to 400 tons. But what exactly sets our wheel chocks apart from other manufacturers on the market? Keep reading to learn more and use the button below to get started with shopping our top-quality wheel chocks online today.

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High Maximum Payload Capacities

One of the most important aspects of our wheel chocks is that they’re engineered to stand up to the pressures of use with high vehicle and machinery maximum payload capacities. Our general purpose chocks are built for standard vehicles and payloads, but our heavy-duty wheel chocks feature optimized designs to best support the wheels and tires of your equipment and vehicles. In addition, they are specifically designed for use on a wide range of ground surfaces, grades, and levels of ground surfaces.

Tough and Resistant

Equipment that’s being used for industrial applications, whether it’s for construction, aviation, mining, or anything else, needs to be tough enough to withstand not just wear and tear, but also heavy usage. That’s why the Driver Industrial Safety wheel chocks are all built to withstand all kinds of weather, heavy usage, and even fuels, oils, and solvents. This means that your vehicles and equipment are going to withstand any spills, drips, or puddles that may be present on site, and they’re going to be tough enough to keep doing their job securing your vehicle with ease.

Lightweight & Impact Absorbing

When it comes to keeping your vehicles, machinery, and heavy equipment secured while not in use, wheel chocks that are reliable but easy to install and transport are going to be key. At Driver Industrial Safety, we construct our wheel chocks with high-quality Urethane that’s designed to be touch enough to absorb impacts, weight, and pressure, but also lightweight enough that mobility isn’t an issue. In addition to being lightweight, these chocks are designed with built-in handles to ensure that grabbing and storing them during transport is a breeze.

Compliant and Customizable

The wheel chocks available through Driver Industrial Safety are the most preferred wheel chocks in the mining industry, and it’s easy to see why when you consider all of the compliant and customizable features. These chocks are available in highly visible, ANSI-compliant colors, and their design and construction meets MSHA specifications. If you need additional accessories to customize your wheel chocks for specific situations, we offer a range of accessories to help you keep your industrial worksite safe and compliant, too. Whether you need one set of wheel chocks for your site or you need to place a large order, our team is here to help!

At Driver Industrial Safety, our goal is to provide our customers with top-quality safety equipment and products to ensure that your industrial work site is safe and compliant at all times. Shop our selection of heavy-duty wheel chocks online today.

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