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Make certain that you have authentic Driver Industrial® Product

Unauthorized Resellers

The most promising way to guarantee that you’ve purchased an authentic Driver Industrial® product is by completing your
purchase through one of our authorized dealers and retailers. Driver Industrial® cannot guarantee the quality of your
product/products and it’s authenticity if purchased through unauthorized resellers

Attention Consumers: Unauthorized Resellers of Driver Industrial® Products

These businesses and websites listed below are not warranted nor authorized to sell any Driver Industrial® products nor have a relationship or resale partnership with our company. Products purchased from these businesses and websites may not be authentic Driver Industrial® products and therefore can be very unsafe and counterfeit. Driver Industrial® trusts the quality of our products and strives for product safety for every consumer. We will not take responsibility or accept returns for products purchased through unauthorized resellers.


SLD – Servicios Logisticos Diesel / SAC




Ionnic Auto Electrical

APS Lighting & Safety Products


Allmay Auto Lamps Co., ltd. AKA CHSET


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