When it comes to keeping your industrial company compliant with safety regulations and ensuring that your team has all of the equipment they need to stay safe while on site or on the job, using only the best products will offer you the peace of mind you deserve. Whether it’s heavy-duty wheel chocks, warning lights, LED displays, or even safety whips, Driver Industrial Safety has the products you need to keep your team and site safe while working. At Driver Industrial Safety, our team is committed to offering only the best quality products to our customers, and we’re proud to be the top choice for safety equipment in the mining industry, too. One of the many reasons why we’ve earned this distinction is because we offer a wide range of safety whips and warning whips, which can be used in a wide range of applications in an industrial setting. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of safety whips available from Driver Industrial Safety.

Heavy Duty Warning Whips

At Driver Industrial Safety, heavy duty warning whips are some of our most popular products and are SafetyWhips® brand for your confidence. These kinds of whips are constructed of non-conductive, heavy-duty fiberglass that is safe for a wide range of uses and equipment needs. They are also available with threaded or quick-disconnect mounts for ease-of-use and installation. Whether you’re putting these whips on heavy-duty vehicles for safety uses during inclement weather, or you’re installing them on construction equipment to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards, these whips are perfect for use in a wide range of industrial settings. These whips can also come in single-piece or two-piece configurations to suit your needs.

LED Warning Whips

Driver Industrial Safety is proud to offer the toughest LED whip available on the market right now. Featuring protected LED lighting from top to bottom for your vehicle’s maximum visibility, these whips are designed to be beneficial to vehicles and heavy-duty equipment in all kinds of weather, from inclement to harsh to extreme. Built with the same fiberglass as the heavy-duty whips, these are safe, non-conductive, and extremely durable in a wide range of environments and applications, so you can rely on the SafetyWhips® Super Duty LED-powered warning whips to ensure your site’s safety for years to come. These heavy-duty whips are suitable for all kinds of uses, but are popular for mining operations, large construction equipment vehicles, and other large-scale operations.

Telescoping Whips

When you’re looking for warning whips that need to be adjustable in all kinds of environments and weather, telescoping whips are going to be your equipment of choice. The SafetyWhips® telescoping whips available from Driver Industrial Safety are designed with Three Sure-Lock™ collapsible and locking sections to adjust the height of your whip for all kinds of conditions, environments, and needs. The Lock & Seal™ Technology on these whips helps to keep out water and contaminants, ensuring that your whips stay in pristine condition for years to come, and you have your choice of lighting options, as well as telescoping whip mounting options, including a hitch mount or flat mount.

Light Duty Whips

SafetyWhips® Light Duty whips are constructed of safe & non-conductive fiberglass to ensure that you can use them for all light duty vehicle & equipment needs. Light duty whips are a non-powered, affordable, yet durable option for flag identification on objects or vehicles present on site in your operation. These light duty whips are available in standard whip lengths, from two feet up to seven feet, with various accessory options available to customize your whips, too.

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