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SafetyWhips® Warning Whips

Your premier brand of USA-made Safety Products & Whip Solutions for all vehicle types & equipment needs. We are proudly supporting the Heavy Equipment industries, Mining, Agricultural, Construction, Aviation, & Transportation Industries. Recognized as the leading safety whip manufacturer, SafetyWhips®’ complete whip solutions offer leading-edge LED light technology to support industrial safety programs and efforts. All of our products are built to withstand various environmental conditions, and customizable to your specific industry needs.

SafetyWhips® are Industrial Strength

SafetyWhips® manufactures the highest quality whips available on the market today right here in the USA. We understand the true cost of inferior products – count on SafetyWhips® to keep you on the job. Our SafetyWhips team of project managers and engineers are continuously working with various industry safety experts to ensure we design the most dependable & visible product in our market; regardless of the severe weather conditions and working conditions that may ensue.

10ft Red Super Duty LED Whip with 16” Orange Reflective “X” flag on minesite vehicle.

Safety Whips® - Specs at a Glance


Driver Industrial Safety’s SafetyWhips®

Are made with finest quality fiberglass resin to ensure peak performance in any working conditions. Available in 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 21 foot lengths, these whips include a threaded hex base for vehicle attachment and either a heavy duty 3M ® Scotchlite ® Reflective X on a Super Bright fluorescent orange, green, or yellow flag or pennant to help identify vehicles, equipment, or important locations at works sites.

Choosing the Right Whip Type:


We provide the most rugged and versatile LED whip light selections known in our industry today. Offering both flashing and non-flashing LED light options with Single Color, Dual Color and RGB (Multi-Color options) available*

*Lighting options sold separately, except for Super Duty All-WeatherTM Whips


SafetyWhips® offers many flag options, be sure to specify your desired high-quality Super Visibility™ flag color, size, shape, and whether you would like a 3M ® Scotchlite ® Reflective X on your flag or not.

Various Color
Options Available!


SafetyWhips® lengths Vary. We proudly offer customizable sizes upon request. Choose the correct whip length to fit your particular application. Factors to review would be what type of equipment you have, where you will be installing the whip height wise on the vehicle – to ensure you meet any requirements necessary for your application or site access.



Shop Warning Whip Bases & Mounts

SafetyWhips® has many different Base Options and Mounting Accessories available. Choose the right whip base based on your precise application requirements.
*See optional base and mounting options below

Heavy Duty SafetyWhips®

  • Robust and sturdy whips for the harshest environments.
  • Heavy Duty SafetyWhips® come powered or non-powered in lengths up to 12’ and are Robust whips with convenient mounting options such as the Quick Disconnect to easily disconnect from your vehicle, as well as two piece split pole options for quick & convenient stow-a-way.
  • You have your choice of lighting options, mounting accessories, heavy duty flags made of our high-quality Super Visibility™ nylon mesh flag made with or without 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective X, as well as an optional heavy duty spring mounting base.
  • Powered or Non-Powered options available

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Super Duty All-Weather™ SafetyWhips®

  • Super Duty All-Weather SafetyWhips® are the Toughest whip type available in the world for extreme weather conditions, corrosive environments, areas with high humidity, and boasts reduced entry points to eliminate connection failures.
  • Super Duty SafetyWhips™ have a continuous power cable which runs continuously thru LED light and hex base and extends 18”. This helps to eliminate connection failures due to corrosion or the entrance of contaminants into your fittings; as well as remove the chances of having any conceivable breaks in the internal wires.
  • Added Locked-in Shielding and SC Series lights seal components from top to bottom from contaminants and moisture
  • Powered options only

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Super Duty All-Weather™ LED SafetyWhips®

  • Super Duty All-Weather™ SafetyWhips® are Engineered to equalize pressures while blocking water and contaminants through our Pressure & Humidity Venting System™ making it the toughest LED whip ever built.
  • Mine Tough – Super Duty All-Weather™ SafetyWhips® Surpasses market quality with the toughest LED whip ever built with your choice of: 12Vdc or 24Vdc.
  • Solid Fiberglass LED whip is encased in a Rugged Polycarbonate tube for maximum durability.
  • Engineered to equalize pressures while blocking water and contaminants through our Pressure & Humidity Venting System™.
  • Powered options only

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Telescoping SafetyWhips®

  • Telescoping SafetyWhips® come powered or non-powered in lengths up to 21’ and are Collapsible with Locking Sections and a Lock Pin Base which make it convenient for you to adjust the height of your whip as needed in any environment or on-site.
  • 3 Collapsible & Locking sections, available in 8’, 11’, 13’, 15’, 21’.
  • External Waterproof Connector Plug with 1156 type socket.
  • Powered or Non-Powered options available

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Heavy Duty – Metal SafetyWhips®

  • Heavy Duty Metal SafetyWhips® come powered or non-powered in lengths up to 7’ with a ¼” Solid Steel Rod which provides extra flexibility to create an extremely durable, yet bendable and flexible whip when needed.
  • Custom Lengths available up to a max of 7’ in length.
  • Powered or Non-Powered options available

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Light Duty – Fiberglass SafetyWhips®

  • Light Duty SafetyWhips® are non-powered and come in Custom lengths up to 7’ with a ½” – 20 threaded hex base mount for basic safety flag needs.
  • Several Light Duty Fiberglass Whip colors available: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White & Yellow.
  • ½” – 20 thread bases with Various Mounting Options available.
  • Plain Light Duty Whip Mesh flags or your choice to upgrade to our Super Bright™ nylon mesh flag made with or without 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective X .
  • Powered or Non-Powered options available

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Industry Specific SafetyWhips® Solutions

  • Airport Visibility Whips™ have a new need as the newer Airplanes made now are bigger than ever before and are having difficulty seeing light duty operators and push out vehicles on the runways. Driver Industrial has created a SafetyWhips® solution for this industry’s safety visibility needs.
  • Snowplow Whips™ specifically engineered for Snowplows and extreme cold weather and very harsh environments for vehicles; as well as complimentary Fire Hydrant Mounts to ensure safety in a snowy environment.
  • Many using our Super Duty All-Weather™ LED SafetyWhips.
  • Powered or Non-Powered options available

10ft Amber Super Duty LED Whip with streamer flag used on aviation utility vehicle

SafetyWhips® Reference Guide

We offer a variety of high quality Bases, Mounts, and Accessories to complete your Whip Assembly

SafetyWhips® has held the name for quality and innovation for over 15 years; and that includes our innovation on our mounts and accessories line up. Count on SafetyWhips® Bases, Mounts, Adapters, and Mounting Systems to keep you working, conveniently and efficiently. Our current mounts include the Threaded Hex Base, Quick Disconnect Base and a Lock Pin Base* (*only available on the telescoping pole). Clients have their choice of powered or non-powered whips with many variable bases and mounting accessories. To complete your whip we offer the finest engineered LED whip light options available on the market today, and choice of heavy duty flags made of our high-quality Super Visibility™ nylon mesh flag made with or without 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective X. SafetyWhips® has the largest assortment of options available in the industry for your bases, mounts, adapters, LED warning whip lights, and flags.

SafetyWhips® bases, mounts, adapters and mounting systems are engineered to handle the harshest environment conditions such as at mines, construction sites, and other industrial applications. Due to our intense focus on quality SafetyWhips® products have been ‘Mine Site Specified’ and have been specifically requested by the mine sites themselves to be purchased from SafetyWhips® across the globe at all of the largest mine sites, construction sites, and many other industrial applications.

Powered SafetyWhips®

Non-Powered SafetyWhips®

Advantages of Using SafetyWhips®

  • Count on SafetyWhips® quality products to keep you highly visible and safe, on the job, and working.
  • We manufacture the most widely held and durable SafetyWhips® in the demanding mining sector.
  • Lighted and non-lighted whips are both available with a broad selection of whip styles, lighting options and sizes, base options, and mounting options for ease of use and installation.
  • SafetyWhips® Wide-ranging and broad product array and accessory collection lets you customize your products to meet your precise work condition needs.
  • Manufactured with a superior fiberglass resin making our whips the strongest whips available in the industry.
  • Superior Fiberglass resin is Safe and Non-conductive as it is a premium heavy-duty fiberglass coated with a 5 year finish off process to prevent any fiber bloom or exposed fiberglass slivers.
  • Heavy Duty Fluorescent Flags are made of our industrial strength Super Bright™ Nylon Mesh with 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective X. Our 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective X is electronically welded to protect the integrity of the 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective X material if scratched open it will not degrade prematurely (available in orange, green and yellow).
  • Our Super Bright Nylon Mesh Flags are made out of a high grade Nylon Mesh which is a knitted vinyl mesh and is coated before it is knitted; as well as top and bottom coated to ensure longevity — giving better overall flag performance and durability to end users.
  • One of the many benefits of buying & sticking with our SafetyWhips® manufactured product lines is that all of our SafetyWhips® products are easily interchange-able between our various SafetyWhips® product lines and categories of whips. This makes your work efficient as it is very simple to replace, maintain and stock our products, which is a mutual benefit to us, our clients and end users.
  • We also are proud to offer a Quick Disconnect Adaptor to turn a threaded connection into a Quick Disconnect to make buying, stocking and add-on products easier on all.
  • SafetyWhips® are assembled at company headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

This versatility all helps Driver Industrial Safety™ and our
SafetyWhips® product line to take our place in helping to
create a greener eco-conscious world.

SafetyWhips® Industry Leading Whip Solutions Manufacturer!